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Green Label Fittings From Seal-Tite

In response to the increasing demand for reduced leakage in residential and light commercial air distibution systems Seal-Tite® introduces its "Green Label" fittings. These fittings are designed and manufactured to comply with the strictest energy codes throughout the US including CCR Title 24 and IECC Standards as "substantially leak free" (less than 5% leakage @ 25 PA).

No. 1075
Ceiling Box (30 GA)
No. 2075
Ceiling Box (26 GA)

1230 PG
Register Box

132/131/133 (26 GA)
  • Unique double lapped mechanically seamed corners and joints provide rigid, leak-tite joints that need not be sealed.
  • All Collars are 26 GA and hemmed for rigidity and safe handling. They are mechanically seamed to the body in a manner that assures a leak free joint.
  • Air flows over the edges of the interior ridge to eliminate leak path and provide maximum air flow

No. 225 T-Wye (30 GA)
No. 226 T-Wye (26 GA)
No. 227 T-Wye (24 GA)
Seal-Tite has manufactured these fittings with mechanically sealed joints that comply with CCR/ Title 24 and IECC Standards as "substantially leak free".

Return Air Can
No. 1074 - (30 GA, 4" Deep)
No. 2074 - (26 GA, 4" Deep)
No. 6074 - (26 GA, 6" Deep)

No. 1071
Tapered Floor Box
1 7/8" EXT
Tapered Floor Box
3 ½" EXT

No. 1214
Straight Boot
(For Wallstack/Riser Pipe)

No. 1218
Stackhead Boot
(for wallstack/riser pipe)

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