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Premium Quality Duct , Pipe & Fittings

In the Spring of 1900, the Peck-Williamson Heating Co. commissioned its sheet metal shop in downtown Cincinnati and began providing manufacturing services under the Seal-TiteŽ name.

For over 100 years, the finest HVAC technicians and craftsmen have insisted on installing Seal-Tite®, prefabricated galvanized duct, pipe & fittings. These contractors, their wholesalers, and hundreds of dedicated industry professionals have contributed greatly to the growth and success of Seal-TiteŽ name.

In August 2009, the Seal-TiteŽ name was purchased by Seal Tite LLC.  The new ownership would like to thank all of those who have made the Seal-TiteŽ name synonymous with quality and success over the last hundred years.  Seal Tite LLC is committed to doing its share to improve the quality and image that prior owners have brought to the Seal-TiteŽ name over its long history.

For the past century, prior owners of  Seal-Tite® have delivered value to countless wholesalers,  dealers/installers, home-builders, and homeowners by following important principals.  These same principals shall guide Seal Tite LLC in its commitment to delivery quality and value:

  • Principal 1: Seal Tite LLC customers come first and we want our partnership to grow.
  • Principal 2: Constant re-creation of Seal Tite LLC products, services, programs and deliverables to meet the needs of our partnership guarantee success.
  • Principal 3: Continuous improvement through automation and cost-effective processes, while preserving Seal Tite LLC design features and benefits will assure our future.
  • Principal 4: The Seal-TiteŽ product does make a difference and that is why Seal Tite LLC has resisted cheapening its product.  Seal-TiteŽ represents America’s Premier Air Distribution System.

Seal-TiteŽ products will always be designed and manufactured for the energy efficient distribution of conditioned air while maximizing indoor air quality and comfort.  The Seal-TiteŽ product design adheres to three basic beliefs:

  • Leakage is bad. Whether conditioned air escapes the air distribution system or unconditioned/unfiltered air is drawn in, leakage reduces energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Take note of the Seal-TiteŽ design features that reduce or eliminate leakage.
  • Installation Time Does Matter Seal-TiteŽ products are designed with the installer in mind. Products adjust smoothly, go together quickly and stay together. No time is wasted looking for leaks or re-installing fittings that have come apart.
  • Optimum Air Flow Improves Comfort Seal-TiteŽ scientifically designed collars, throat radii, gores, and assembly procedures reduce friction, turbulence, and leakage delivering optimum air flow to the Comfort Zone. More air with less energy does make a difference - BETTER COMFORT, LESS ENERGY COST, EASIER TO INSTALL.
Seal Tite LLC invites you to review our site, take note of our products, their features and their benefits to you.  Seal Tite LLC is excited to have the opportunity to carry on the commitment to quality that others have provided under the Seal-TiteŽ name in the past, and to improve upon the level of quality and the delivery of value going into the future.
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